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Forum Rules
At TFN we like to keep a relaxed atmosphere. There are bound to be disagreements from time to time but everybody is entitled to an opinion. The following rules are in place to make the forum better for everybody to use:

  • Let's Get Personal
    Let's not, eh? A difference of opinion is encouraged, personal insults are not. This includes phrases like "Are you stupid?". If you cannot debate in a reasonable manner then the mod team wont hesitate to hulk up on your sorry arse. Wind up merchants who continually post to start an argument will face a severe spanking. Banter is fine and dandy. If you have a problem with a post, use the Report button.

  • Offensive & Illegal Posts
    Racism, extreme bad language, foreign languages and promoting illegal activities are all out of the question as you'd expect.

  • Nudity
    Nudity is not allowed, just like in football when a streaker runs on the pitch. People must be covered at all times to stop an STD epidemic breaking out.

  • No Spam/Advertising
    Spam does not taste good! If you are hungry, go get something from the fridge. TFN operates a no advertising policy.

  • Signatures & Avatars
    Graphics add to the loading speed of the page so you are limited to one picture in your signature space. Any graphics found to be too big or in bad taste will be removed.

  • Warning & Account Policy
    Warnings are given out in extreme circumstances or for repeated offences depending on the severity of the issue. A maximum of 4 warnings will be issued before a member account is banned. It be one account only me hearties.

Well there you have it in black and white ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for reading, now let the good times roll...

The TFN team
-- -