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Players to follow this season

Posted by Monty (Admin) at Aug 18 2018, 05:39 PM. 3 comments

Which player do you think is going to have a big season this year that might be slightly under the radar?

I think Callum Wilson at Bournemouth could get himself a decent move st the end of the season. Slightly forgotten player because of his bad injury but I think he is a player who could get a better team than Bournemouth.

Sterling- is it race driven ?

Posted by TheReturnOfTheKing (Members) at Aug 15 2018, 05:13 PM. 13 comments

A storm is brewing

I was highly critical of him because I thought he was crap at the wc

Do you think some of it is related to him being back ??

Controversial Refereeing Decisions

Posted by Dan94 (Members) at Aug 12 2018, 06:04 PM. 16 comments

So, luckily we have goal line technology otherwise I highly doubt Vertonghen's goal yesterday would've been given with the human eye. 9mm over the line that's all :lol:

The other controversial decision yesterday was Jagielka's red card against Wolves. At first, I thought it was pretty harsh, just lost control of the ball and was on the stretch, but after seeing it a few times he does have studs up and could've/did caused some serious damage. It wasn't your usual two footed, over the ball out of control challenge which are being clamped down on the past few years, but you can see why it was given.

Do you think it should've been a red card?

Beginning of the end for Jose

Posted by Monty (Admin) at Aug 10 2018, 08:28 AM. 16 comments

All of the papers running the same story today. Here are some of them

Sam Wallace

Manchester United would have spent £100m on Raphael Varane had he been available. But other centre-back options - Mina, Boateng - were not considered an upgrade. There was no bid for Godin

Neil Henderson

MIRROR SPORT: No Mour quick fixes

Jose Mourinho was told by Manchester United that the club would only sign a world-class defender of the calibre of Real Madridís World Cup winner Raphael Varane rather than compromise with a lesser light, despite the managerís demands otherwise. United would have paid £100 million for Varane but the World Cup winner was never available and as the options were put to them over the course of a transfer window there were too many good reasons to ignore them."

So what is everyone's opinion on this? It appears the United board will not purchase players for massive money they do no judge to be long term value.

Some further questions :

Do you tjinknjose has been backed adequately in his time st United?

And do You think he deserved to have been backed heavily in the summer based on his time at United to date?

Are the board preparing for life without Jose now?

Who had the best transfer window?

Posted by Dan94 (Members) at Aug 9 2018, 10:21 PM. 6 comments

Liverpool? Wolves? Fulham?

We don't need to discuss about who had the worst... :liverpool:

Biggest season in spurs history

Posted by Monty (Admin) at Aug 9 2018, 08:59 PM. 15 comments

Levy has forked over his manager, best player and all of the fans.

Poch and Kane both signed new long term deals with the promise of future investment in the team and to continue to progress and challenge for the title.

Spurs have now just had their first ever summer window without making a signing. I think this is now a massive massive gamble by levy and he has potentially thrown away all of the hard work and progress that spurs have made. If they fail to finish in the top 4 this coming season it is not unreasonable to think that Kane and alli will look to move on and another club to try and get poch.

Eriksen, vert, Toby and dembele all have short term contracts and if they don't make top 4 these could also easily be available for cut prices.

They might have a shiny new stadium at the end of the year but if they don't get top 4 they might not have any good players left to play in it

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