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Gay Marriage
Topic Started: Jul 5 2013, 11:54 PM (3,440 Views)
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red thru and thru.
it would be difficult for a religeon who state same sex as a sin,then to go ahead and marry same sex though.
state weddings ie registrar should be allowed IMO if they want it.
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Changing my tune since 2008.
It's all a hilarious argument really. People looking to get "blessed" by a sky fairy at a "holy place" is kind of fair enough if they want to buy into that, but really any organised religion is just a desperate ploy for power so I don't get why people are so desperate for gay marriage to be blessed by these organisations.

Why do we have Christian denominations called the Roman Catholic church and Church of England? Purely for power, because the Romans were losing grasp of their empire and because King Henry VIII got bored of his women and wanted a divorce.

Does nobody find it strange that an "all loving, compassionate" sky fairy/God - who loves all of his children equally - would create a hell for people to be tortured eternally? Where good, charitable people who just aren't religious can go forever but paedophilic priests can avoid by repenting for their sins?!

If that's reality, then I wish for no part of it. Really couldn't care about gay marriage - even straight marriage is just a big occasion and a commitment to somebody else. Sky fairy approval is irrelevant to me.
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Star of Brokeback Mountain
Sky Fairy :rofl:

Don't know why but that tickled me and has become my default term for a god now. Next Jehovah's Witness who comes to the dorr will be quizzed in depth about why he believes in Sky Fairies. :lol:
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